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hi there, my first visit to your salon was lovely. Such a warm, welcoming environment. My Stylist was patient and helpful and did a fabulous job on my hair. I will certainly be back and will recommend you to friends.
Thank you Salon Rouge.
Just wanted to thank you for a great salon experience. I am visiting Ottawa and had my hair coloured, and was taken care of by one of the assistants and thought they were both so lovely and nice and hospitable. I love my hair and hope to come back next time in Ottawa.
Thanks for the great experience!
I have curly, frizzy, dry and untamed hair. I had never been to Salon Rouge before, but read on the Internet that they offered Keratin treatment. As I was walking by Salon Rouge, I stopped and asked if having a Keratin treatment would help me keep my hair straight for a while. They said they could reduce the curls by 75% but could not guarantee that my hair would be completely straight. I appreciated their honesty and decided to give it a try.
The whole process took about 4h30min. My Stylist was very attentive the whole time; they treated me with great care, offered me the best cappuccino and gave me their professional advice on how to adequately maintain my hair.
The end result of my Keratin treatment is flabbergasting. My hair has never been so silky, shiny and soft, and it is 100% straight!! I washed it home and blow-dried it for less than 10 minutes and it stayed perfectly straight, without even having to use my flat iron.
The Keratin treatment makes such a big difference in my life; it is the best gift I could give to myself. I do not have to spend 30 minutes every morning to straighten it and it stays perfectly straight, even on rainy days. My hair looks stunning and healthier than ever before with a minimum of effort. It is worth every single penny and every single second I spent in my Stylists good care. I would highly recommend it.
Thank you so much for taking such great care of my hair, I will definitely be back at Salon Rouge :)
Just a few words to let you know how greatly satisfied I am with the work my Stylist did on my head.

I came to you after a very disappointing appointment in another salon, and I very nervous about whether it was even possible to fix my head. Before even taking her equipment out or taking me to the sink, she took some time to sit beside me — a simple gesture which made all the difference : it made me feel less nervous and more confident about the outcome of the appointment. She made sure she clearly understood what I wanted, and informed me of what was possible and impossible to do with my hair. She then showed me some pictures of hairstyles on an Ipad (a first ! I’ve never met any other hairstylist who did that), and we agreed on one style.

I washed my head yesterday to make sure it was possible to recreate the movement I had when I left the salon, and it was an easy success : that, itself, is the proof of the great work my Stylist has done on me !

Last but not least : I really appreciated her service in french. Even for bilingual people, being able to communicate in your mother tongue makes the communication so much easier and decreases the risks or misunderstandings — which, I believe, was the cause of my previous hair deception.

Thanks again for this great first appointment at Salon Rouge, and see you for sure in three months ! :)

My Stylist did my hair for me a few months ago and I loved it. I wanted you guys to know that I love Salon Rouge and I would recommend it to anyone! Since I last had my hair done, I moved to the Yukon for a job contract. I just wanted you to know that if I were still living it Ottawa I would be going there! If I decide to move back, I won’t trust my hair with anyone else.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and for keeping my hair looking so good while I was there! Hope to see you again.

I just want to say, that after previous disappointing haircuts at other salons, and putting off getting me hair cut for over 6 months, I had a very positive experience at Salon Rouge!
My hair stylist was Melissa and I couldn’t be happier with my new look!
At last, I have found the right place!
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